About Me

The Struggle with Lifestyle

Following the traditional path of success, I did MBA and worked in corporate sector for 3 yeas as an HR consultant.

Life progressed and I got married to an amazing person who is an Army Officer.

But being an Army wife, I had to relocate to different remote parts of India, which eventually overwhelmed me, while also having a 7 month old toddler, added to that.


Turning Point

I realized I needed to change something, so I took up Yoga. To my surprise, it elevated my levels of health and awareness towards my body.

I went in deep and became a certified yoga therapist from Ayush Ministry. But somehow I knew this wasn’t enough for me, so to understand the depth of food and nutrition, I decided to become a certified Dietitian and Nutritionist.

This journey of self awareness and understanding the limits of my body & mind, led me to increase my level and I eventually became an Aerial Yoga Expert as well.

Yoga, on all levels of my body & mind has transformed me from the inside out.

The Goal

Yoga for me, has become a lifelong pursuit now and I know there are more people out there who are in a stage where I was a few years ago. 

My goal is to find them, and transform their lifestyle, because that is the foundation of everything else we do in our life.


Media Mentions